What It Is

Municipal bonds are debt issued by local governments, state governments, districts, and other entities that serve a civic purpose. (For a more detailed definition of bonds, click HERE to visit our FAQ section). Our founder, Michael Mattox, is the first to design and structure an EB-5 project utilizing municipal bonds. EB-5 Investor’s capital investment is used to purchase municipal bonds issued for a specific infrastructure project. The bonds serve as an investment vehicle for EB-5 funds to be utilized in a government infrastructure project. At the end of the EB-5 process, investors can 1) sell the bond in the secondary market or 2) wait until the bond to mature to receive the principle of their investment.  

With our dedicated experts, AUSA chooses quality infrastructure projects with high rating bonds to ensure our investors secure their green card. This model benefits the government which is funding the infrastructure projects and our investors who seek security in their investment.

The bond model is approved by USCIS through multiple bonds projects and is currently pending a patent.




Bond Model Projects