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Municipal Bonds for EB-5 Investment

Access the USA, LLC (AUSA) manages Washington Regional Center (WRC), which offers Washington State-backed bonds as an investment vehicle for obtaining EB-5 Visas (Green Cards). Washington State sells municipal bonds to finance major infrastructure projects. AUSA has specially designed an EB-5 Visa program that utilizes the security and transparency of Washington State bonds in helping EB-5 investors to obtain U.S. residency status. We strongly believe in managing investment and financial risk by offering only municipal bonds with very high credit ratings.* As a type of security, municipal bonds are generally rated almost as high as U.S. Treasury Bonds.

Transparent Investment Exit

Washington State municipal bonds are traded in highly-liquid bond markets every business day. We believe in managing the investment exit risk involved in the EB-5 process by only offering highly-liquid bonds sold on the public bond market. With Washington State bonds, you can easily track the market value of your investment and participate in a highly-liquid market.

Low Project Risks

Government-managed infrastructure projects generally carry lower failure risks than other types of EB-5 regional center projects, because the State of Washington has some of the best creditable records in managing and assuming responsibilities for designing, developing, financing, building and operating its infrastructure projects. State-managed projects significantly lower the possibility of project failure or delays that cause issues with investors' visa petitions. Large infrastructure projects also create many jobs for the local economy, which further ensures investors will be able to meet the minimum requirement of 10 jobs mandated by USCIS.



EB-5 Bonds Project Patent Filing Letter

AUSA filed the patent for doing bonds projects for EB-5 program as a regional center. Any other regional center copy this business model without AUSA's approval will be sued. 

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Chinese translation

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One of our EB-5 projects - 520 Bridge



A welcome video from the Mayor of City of Olympia-Doug Mah


Key Advantages of AUSA's EB-5 Program

Better Risk Management

While all investments carry risks, smart investors understand the value of eliminating unnecessary risks. At AUSA, we re-engineer the EB-5 investment structure to dramatically reduce the risks associated with each stage of the project lifecycle, so that investors can obtain their U.S. Green Card with confidence. Keeping the investment process simple leaves less margin for error. When it comes to EB-5 investments, there is simply no room for error.

Fully Financed EB-5 Project

AUSA selects well-planned and well-financed infrastructure projects that are managed by the Washington State. Since the State has superior credit ratings, all bonds issuance not only are likely to be sold out immediately, but also are guaranteed by the underwriter (i.e., if bonds are not sold, the underwriter covers the shortage). A fully funded project ensures on-time development and proper job creation, both of which conditions need to be met for successful EB-5 Visa petition.

Many U.S. Jobs

Large infrastructure construction projects create many jobs, and the State of Washington goes through careful planning, hiring, and managing of these construction jobs. In terms of reporting job counts for investor's EB-5 petition, AUSA works with well-established economists to properly apply the appropriate input-output economic model using data supplied by the State of Washington. To ensure maximum safety, AUSA always takes the most conservative job figures that far exceed the 10 U.S. jobs requirement.

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Latest News

How Should I Evaluate the EB-5 Project?

how-should-evaluate-eb5-projectEB-5 investors should consider project's economic and operational merits, as the project structure could impact the U.S. Green Card petition. Evaluation should be based on the relative safety, continuity, and reliability of the project. You are also encouraged to visit the projects to determine which particular project is right one for you.

What are Municipal Bonds?

Municipal Bond CertificatesMunicipal bonds are debts issued by local and state governments, districts, and other entities that serve a civic purpose. Muni bonds allow governments and public entities to borrow money to finance infrastructure projects, build or improve roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, public utilities, and for other general purposes.

What is the exit strategy?

what-is-exit-strategyEvery investment should have a clear exit plan, so the owners can recoup the capital they have invested. AUSA designs an EB-5 investment program with a reliable exit strategy for investors. Unlike other private equity or debt offerings that cannot be sold in a security exchange, bond securities are liquid assets, which are traded daily by individuals or institutions.

How do I invest?

how-do-i-investTo start, you should review the project's offering memorandum or private placement memorandum, which outline the details and risks associate with the project. After you have done all your due diligence work, including an investigation or audit of the investment, then you should proceed with the actual investment. To learn more about AUSA's investment process, please contact us directly.

How long does it take?

how-long-does-it-takeThe entire Green Card process generally takes 8-12 months. After investors have made their investments and filed the application form I-526 with USCIS, it takes an average of 5 months to be approved. Upon approval of I-526, the investors will need to file with the embassy or consulate processing in their own country (or an adjustment of status if already in the U.S.) to obtain their residency status.

How to choose an immigration attorney?

how-to-choose-immigration-attorneyAUSA believes EB-5 investors should obtain their own immigration attorneys to assist with their EB-5 Visa applications. We advise investors to consider factors such as expertise, language capabilities, reputation, timeliness, and costs when choosing their attorneys. However, If you do not know where to look, AUSA can refer you a few knowledgeable EB-5 attorneys for you to choose.



Access the USA, the Washington Regional Center, or its owners and associates, do not function as attorneys or legal counsel and do not attempt to interpret immigration law and do not provide or offer legal advice or legal services or investment advice. Anyone considering an investment based visa should seek independent advice from a financial advisor. The information on this site is intended for informational purposes only on the subject of the EB5 investment visa Green Card program and should not be relied upon for any specific situation. Any reference to designated regional centers on this website is posted as reference material only. Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. Fixed income investments are subject to various risks including changes in interest rates, credit quality, inflation risk, market valuations, prepayments, corporate events, tax ramifications and other factors. Past performance is no guarantee of future gains.

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