Project Description

The SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program is enhancing public safety and mobility by replacing the highway’s aging, vulnerable bridges and making significant transit and roadway improvements throughout the corridor. The construction program’s planned improvements extend from I-5 in Seattle to I-405 in Bellevue. Every day tens of thousands of people travel to work or school, deliver products, visit family or friends, go to medical appointments, attend sporting events or make other needed trips via SR 520 and its floating bridge across Lake Washington.

Project Overview

Regular Fund

  • Orion Oil & Gas Fund II amount: $30 million

  • Number of Investors: 100Spots

  • Capital Investment:  $500,000

  • Administrative Fees : 50,000

  • Jobs Created: 1,800

Premier Fund

  • Premier 520 Bridge  amount: $30 million

  • Number of Investors: 60 Spots

  • Capital Investment:  $500,000

  • Administrative Fees : 45,000

  • Jobs Created: 1,800

Project Highlights

  • Project is operated by a public company
  • 3% annual interest on capital invested to investors
  • Upon I-829 approval or 5 years, return investment
  • Fund stays in an escrow account until I-526 approval
  • Land lease and assets will be pledged to limited partnership
  • 1500+ jobs (2.5 times more than needed)
  • Professional management helps to reduce risk involved in the process
  • Oil and gas are in high demand and are considered liquid commodities
  • 80% of oil & gas revenue remains in the escrow account until it is enough to pay back all investors’ principal



Project Advantages:

Government Project:  

The project is operated by an government and the bond issued is a general obligation bond. This means that the bonds are secured by local government’s pledge to use legally available resources, including tax revenues, to repay bond holders.

 Clear Exit Strategy:

After the I-829 is approved the investors is entitled to the bond. The investor can either sell the bond is the secondary market on premium or discount or wait the the bond matures. Either way investor are may to receive the principal back and may earn interest or a gain through selling in premium.

Job Creation:

Since the  520 Bridge Replacement Project is a large scale project,  there is a huge demand for  jobs. According to the economic study, it creates 10,700 just for the first year. In the second year, it creates a maximum of  13,535 jobs. With just two year, it is already 13 times of the USCIS requirments