Project Description

The Orion project is located right in the heart of Mississippian lime formation in Major County in Oklahoma, with 250 producing wells surrounding our lease acreage. Orion Fund I is to drill 4 testing wells to prove that the area is a rich oil zone and oil reserve. These four wells are projected to = producing over 1000 barrels (bbls) per day together. If successful, the Orion Fund wells will be drilled on the 15000 acreage land. The total budget for the Orion Oil & Gas Fund is approximately $140 million USD, including $134.4 million USD for 4 wells . EB-5 funds account for 21% of the entire project. The project is managed by professional entities including Comanche as a operating company, Atlas, Halliburton and Sandridge for the completion of the project.

Project Overview

  • Orion Oil & Gas Fund I amount: $7.5million

  • Number of Investors: 15 Spots

  • Capital Investment:  $500,000

  • Administrative Fees : 45,000

  • Jobs Created: 288

Project Highlights

  • Project is operated by a public company
  • 3% annual interest on capital invested to investors
  • Upon I-829 approval or 5 years, return investment
  • Fund stays in an escrow account until I-526 approval
  • Land lease and assets will be pledged to limited partnership
  • 288+ jobs (1.9 times more than needed)
  • Professional management helps to reduce risk involved in the process
  • Oil and gas are in high demand and are considered liquid commodities
  • 80% of oil & gas revenue remains in the escrow account until it is enough to pay back all investors’ principal



Project Advantages:

Public Company:  

The project is operated by an SEC registered public company backed by an oil and gas mineral lease.

 Competitive Return:

After the I-526 is approved the investors receives 3% annual interest approximately $15,000 on the capital invested till investor’s I-829 get approved and withdraws from the project The funds stay in the escrow account to  reduce the risk.

Liquidable Commodity:

Oil, having the advantage of easy liquidity, provides a very stable monthly cash flow. Eighty (80%) of the monthly revenue is reserved with an escrow agency, who will pay back the loan in 5 years, providing us with a clear exit strategy and protection from refinancing risks.

  • Each year the maintenance cost is $60,000/well.
  • After paying 23%of royalty and maintenance cost first year’s revenue is estimated to be $3.9 million if all drilled at the same time.
  • Net revenue is calculated to be $3.6 million/year

Growing Industry:

Oil and gas is one of the rapidly growing industries in the United States of America. Investors are allowed to invest directly in oil well working interest

Job Creation:

Creation of more than 288 jobs, which is 1.9 times more than required, gives the advantage of having a surplus of jobs while applying for immigration. The  expenditure jobs are calculated based on amount of capital spent during drilling and extraction.